If you code HTML emails, you might tame your tables with a spacer .gif. makes your life easier, one pixel at a time.

How does it work? Just copy the code below to get your spacer.gif. Change the width and height to the desired size, and you're set.

<img src="" width="1"/>

When you're ready, download your very own spacer.gif here to use in production.

What is a spacer gif?

Before CSS, a 1px transparent .gif was used to control blank space within a web page, and could be resized by it's width and height attributes. Today, the spacer .gif lives on through HTML email layout, where it holds open tables in inboxes across the internet.

Why bother using this site?

It's the year 2020. Outdated layout methods for HTML emails are hassle enough. You handle the code, let handle the spacer.gif.

Can do other cool stuff?

<img src=""/>

You can generate a spacer.gif with a color value, useful for layout and debugging. There are even a couple of secret colors, give it a try!

Other Great Tools

The web is full of handy tools like this. Here are a few favorites: is a fun tool by Pat McNeil. Feeling Generous?